The secret to life photograph of NatGeo photographer


    Whenever look, you thought this was a photo of a dark train is pair riding on the forsake sands. Indeed, this is a photograph taken from above.

    The key to life photo of NatGeo picture taker

    Convoy in the forsake west of Oman. Photograph: George Steinmetz.

    When you look nearer, you’ll see this is truly the viewpoint of a sell flying overhead looking down danghuong troop on field close Wadi Mitan, west of Oman west. The picture of a dark camel reality that the outline of camels, is redrawn on the sand by the sun.

    The white line at the foot bit of dark camel picture, actually, is the back of the camel truth, which is named the ship of the leave.9

    This unimaginable picture was taken by photographic artist George Steinmetz. To catch this photograph, George needed to utilize mechanized paraglider to get point of view from above. George paragliding machines incorporate propeller, motor and a seat, weighing under 45 kg and can fly up to three hours.

    At the time this photo taken in 2008, the autopilot gadget as flycam still exceptional. George when it was 51, still needed to drive to get paragliding ethereal photo her at a stature of up to 150m and a settled flight speed of 50km/h.

    This photograph of George was prestigious logical diary of the American National Geographic voted as a standout amongst the most wonderful regular photo year.

    “I utilized elevated vehicles since it permitted me to photo the remote territories in a way that individuals have never observed,” George said.